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Price:      $930.00
Model:    2068HYRT

Product Description
LS-1 Chevy V8 EZ-Hydro Bushing Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Normally aspirated only
Up to 140lbs seat pressure
400lbs open spring pressure
Up to 7000RPM.
For use with pushrod length 7.600"

  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs

Category Description
The world's only needle-free hi-performance hydraulic roller lifters! NOW AVAILABLE by popular demand, HYDRO is the newest edition of the patented EZ-Roll liter family, for Chevy Small Block, Big Block & LS-1 V8 Engines: silent running, trouble free H.P. reliable hydraulic rollers! Hydro features our ever popular "EZX" (EpsilonZX) advanced solid raceway bushing rollers along with a special "reduced travel" hydraulic roller body to allow for the use of more aggressive hydraulic roller cam profiles and/or higher RPM. Hydro delivers peace of mind for hydraulic roller racers operating in the extreme operating in the extreme loading environments these conditions create with the "extra insurance" of an EZ-Roll plane bearing, eliminating the possibility of needing bearing overload failures.