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Endurance Plus Valve Springs

Price:      $350.00
Model:    9375PLUS

Product Description
Style: Dual w/Damper
Outer OD/ID: 1.560/1.145
Inner OD/ID: 1.040/.740
Seat Pressure: 230 Lbs @1.970
Open Pressure: 560 Lbs @1.290
Rate Per Inch: 480
Coil Bind: 1.190
Max. Net Lift: .680
Type of Cam: Roller

  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs

Category Description
SP Springs - High Endurance The "SP" series utilizes "Hi-Tensile" Chrome Silicon outer spring material. For applications with radical cams and/or moderately high rpm, where traditional chrome silicon springs prove inadequate, the "SP" series is the next highest level of endurance. All "SP" series springs are Spintron Test-Proven up to 8000 rpm for 700 racing miles. PLUS Springs - Endurance Plus The Endurance Plus series of valve springs utilizes a specially processed Tool Room Material outer spring for increased endurance/reliability beyond the "SP" series. Endurance Plus springs are designed for late models, modifieds, etc., and are Spintron Test-Proven up to 8400 rpm for 850 racing miles.