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Price:      $220.00
Model:    150LRK

Product Description
Application: Small Block Chevy V-8

Rev Plate Information:

Cast Alum. - No
Machined Alum. Plate - Yes
Hard-Coat Anodized - Yes

ISKY Roller Lifter Application: 1241LO-150, 1241-LO-185, 1241-LO150-874

  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs

Category Description
The "ULTRA REV-KIT" is engineered to increase engine RPM and prolong roller tappet bearing life by pre-loading the roller tappets to the cam lobe (eliminating stop-start "Skidding".) Pre-load springs are held in place by lightweight aluminum retaining bars which install beneath the cylinder head (a drop-in installation).