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Price:      $230.00
Model:    1191M

Product Description
Application: Mileage & Maximum Lower RPM Torque for Late Model,
Low Compression (8-9.5:1Max) Engines.

RPM-Range: 1000-3800
Value Lift Int/Ext: .425/.425
Value Lash Hot Int/Ext: .000/.000
ADV Duration Int/Ext: 248/248
.050 Duration Int/Ext: 194/194
Lobe Center: 108

  • Shipping Weight: 9lbs

Category Description
A racing camshaft is a precision product that requires tender loving care in its installation. Probably anyone with some natural feel for mechanics can install a racing camshaft, especially if he is careful and observant, before and during the removal of the stock camshaft. For racing camshaft installation instructions, go to: http://iskycams.com/installing-a-racing-camshaft.html#sthash.PXAUftkE.dpuf