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At Isky Racing Cams you can always count on helpful, courteous service, the highest quality materials in all our products, the newest advancements and the finest workmanship available!

We employ over 100 specialists, including engineers and technical advisers to assist our dealers throughout the world and the hundreds of thousands of our customers. Contact Us Today!

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NEW 2018 Isky Full Product Catalog

The brand new 2018 Isky Full Product Catalog is now available for download.

The World's Best LS1 Roller Lifters

ISKY has partnered with Johnson® Lifters of Taylor, Michigan (the premier Hydraulic-Roller Lifter manufacturer in the country) to offer the “Best on the Planet” HPxTM Series.

Endurance Plus™ ROLLER LIFTERS from ISKY!

Get Serious with New Durathon™ Roller Lifters from ISKY!

Introducing the NEW ML "MAX-LIFE"
Super Endurance Roller Valve Spring Series

Designed for use in the most grueling, sustained Hi-RPM oval track environments, the "MAX-LIFE" super endurance series are manufactured from a revolutionary new alloy steel.

Introducing Isky's newest Hydraulic Roller Lifter Series

The HPx High Performance Xtreme Precision Needle and EZ Roll Bushing Hyd Roller Lifters.

Isky Product Flyer - 4 Pages

Isky Product Flyer - 8 Pages

ISKY HI-tech EZ-Roll Keyway Lifters

Click Here for the Latest Isky Jobber Price List

You can now download the latest Isky Racing Cams price list here.

Isky Cam Lobe Master Chart

View Isky Cam's Lobe specification chart.

Isky Spring Chart

View Isky Cam's Spring Chart.