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Price:      $290.00
Model:    643

Product Description
Description: Olds F85-215 Aluminum, 61-63 Stock Non Adj. rocker, Isky Hyd. Lifter

Tube Size: 5/16
Oil Hole: No
Isky Length Int./Ext.: 8.234 / 8.234
Adj.: No
Non Adj.: Yes
Hyd. Lifter: Yes
Solid Lifter: No
Roller Lifter: No
Cup and Ball: No
Ball and Ball: Yes

  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs

Category Description
The proper method of measuring the length of pushrods is to include the theoretical overall length, however, this is difficult for the average individual since special equipment is required. In the interest of accuracy and to avoid confusion, we have adopted the a method of measurement. This eliminates the difficulties that arise when making measurements in the field, or when installing special length pushrods (custom made) on special order for our customers.)