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Isky Cams Tech Info

Tech Tips 2000™

Book One of Tech Tips 2000™ features The Modern Myths of High Performance™. This first installment (in no particular order of magnitude) will contain the most common misconceptions in High Performance engine building today...

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How To

Prevent Roller Cam Walk

Why Use Roller Tappets?
The advantage in using roller tappets is that they take in stride every engine condition from slow speed idling, through intermediate to extreme high speed operation. The first V-8 roller tappet camshafts were tedious to install requiring the block to be drilled for bolt-in guide plates.

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Installing a Racing Camshaft

A racing camshaft is a precision product that requires tender loving care in its installation. Probably anyone with some natural feel for mechanics can install a racing camshaft, especially if he is careful and observant, before and during the removal of the stock camshaft.

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Cam Degreeing is Simple

Indeed, cam degreeing is simple, but first let's make sure you have a good understanding of the cam's function in the four cycle engine. You probably already know the four basic strokes of the four cycle engine: INTAKE, COMPRESSION, POWER, and EXHAUST.

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Hole-Sawing Procedure For Valve Spring Seats

Hole-saw valve spring seats for Chevy small block 270 through 400 degreeing

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The glossary contains camshaft terms and related valve gear components.

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