Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours after receipt of order by most economical method of transportation unless otherwise specified - i.e., United Parcel, Air Parcel Post, Air Freight or truck.

A 50% deposit in the form of a Postal Money Order, cashier's check or certified check is required with all C.O.D. shipments; however, you can save the C.O.D. charges by prepaying the full amount.

If for any reason a shipment is refused, customer will be billed for freight charges both ways.

Foreign Shipments

All foreign shipments, including all freight charges, must be paid in full, in advance, in American money.

Prices shown do not include any import duty, insurance or port fees. Iskenderian will provide a complete proforma invoice, including all charges, so that payment can be arranged.

Have a question regarding our shipping policies? Please contact us for more information.